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Exciting research projects within universities and early and mature products developed in businesses in the growth stage offer new opportunities for business spin offs almost every day. Sharif Ventures has an extensive experience in bringing novel, innovating research into commercial ventures in Business services, SAAS, Mobile applications, Digital media, E commerce , Digital marketing, E health, content, Game, Animation, Fintech, IOT, Smart agriculture, Cloud computing, Convergence technologies with IT in all key regions of the world.

While setting up a new venture, we typically explore two different business models:

Fee-for-service model

Depending on the specific needs of the academic and/or corporate client, we take care of all aspects of the new venture i.e. build up the business case, found the new company, propose and/or compose an international company team and advisory board, provide hands-on management, help recruit funding and pursue the company’s development plan to strategic milestones.

In this model, and depending on the project/company needs, one or more Sharif Ventures may participate in the project to provide specific technical, financial or business development skills to the new venture as requested by the client and for the specific mandate period.

Co-founding company model

While evaluating new technology opportunities, we frequently come across exciting new projects with significant market potential in all fields of life sciences. These are typically early stage projects based on highly innovative scientific discoveries targeting an unmet need with a high potential to achieve significant commercialization milestones.

To ensure appropriate development of these ideas to promising commercialization projects, we frequently engage our organization as a partner in the new venture. In that case, we will typically co-found and co-own shares in the new company offering our management skills and extensive international network for the benefit of the venture. Moreover, selected Sharif Ventures with complementary expertise will assume key executive positions within the new company (e.g. CEO, Chairman) working together with the technology originators towards venture capital funding, deal making and/or further development of the technology.

Utilizing the business model mentioned above, we have co-founded several companies in the life science space together with academic institutions and other partners, see our Portfolio Companies. Several of these ventures are active and our Partners are continuously working towards strategic exits for the benefit of the company’s investors and stakeholders.

For more information on this business model and/or for submission of new ideas for evaluation, feel free to contact us directly.