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Recognizing that small or medium size companies do not possess the necessary expertise and/or network to secure risk capital for their project needs, Ventac Partners, helps clients recruit funding and pursue the company’s development plan to strategic milestones. We cover all sectors in life science with a particular preference in the following sectors:

  • Drug Discovery & Development
  • Diagnostics and medical devices
  • Contract Research (CROs)
  • Contract Manufacturing (CMOs)
  • Healthcare IT
  • Cleantech

We choose to work with leaders who are building world class companies, preferably with entrepreneurial executives and great scientists in the management team. We will perform rigorous preliminary diligence process before we decide whether or not we will engage a potential client as our goal is to build a high quality brand in the Venture Capital/Private Equity (VC/PE) arena. Many of the factors that we consider during this diligence process are related to management and relevant skills and competencies, market parameters, intellectual property and other technology aspects.

Process & Deliverables

Ventac Partners increases your chance of closing a funding round by putting your information in a form that the VC/PE community wants to see. We will not simply take a client’s material and email it to our VC/PE network without any thought. We know the current funding environment and know what investors want to see in order to make a proper investment decision. At the same time, we possess a global network of venture capital and private equity investors that we can contact on your behalf.

Our deliverables include a teaser sheet, or preliminary marketing document that we send to our VC/PE network, a detailed investor presentation, both non-confidential and confidential versions, a 5 year financial forecast and various other VC valuations and cap tables as you progress through the negotiation process. We will work with you for as long as it takes to get your investor presentation in shape.

In selected cases, we may consider engaging our organization as a partner in the fundraising process, especially if the client is an early stage company or institution offering highly innovative scientific discoveries targeting an unmet need with a high potential to achieve significant commercialization milestones. In that case, we will offer our management skills and extensive international network for the benefit of the venture and participate as a shareholder/co-owner. For more information on this model, please visit Company Foundation.

For more information on fundraising services, please contact us directly.