Consulting Services > Due Diligence

Ventac Partners offers a wide range of due diligence services in all fields of life sciences. Specifically, we provide support to academic institutions, faculties, technology transfer organizations and researchers in all science areas. In the corporate world, we evaluate new business opportunities and ideas on behalf of clients or investors. Finally, we work with governments or other authorities to provide strategic input and/or evaluate local, regional or national projects.

Services we offer in this area include, among others:

  • Evaluation of new business and technology opportunities in all medical fields (therapeutic, diagnostic etc)Creation of solid data on market potential, market structures and mechanisms, and competitor analyses
  • Project/product valuation analyses
  • Advice on commercial scenarios
  • Support in evaluating prospective deals such as joint ventures, strategic alliances or investments
  • Definition of product development and/or R&D strategies
  • Evaluation of IP portfolios; support in establishing and developing intellectual property strategies
  • Definition of concise concepts, preparation and prioritization of a list of target partners for strategic business transactions
  • Advice on agreement terms following successful due diligence efforts and negotiation of contracts based on best international practice.

All due diligence projects typically involve smaller or larger Ventac Partner teams offering complementary skills and expertise for the benefit of our clients.