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Market Assessment – Profiling Product Opportunity – Competitive Analysis

For any product and novel technology, execution of an in-depth market assessment and early product profiling are essential in order to ensure successful product development and subsequent commercialization.

Ventac Partners has accumulated several years of multifaceted experience in strategic consulting and market research for global pharmaceutical and healthcare industries. Increasingly, we experience that also universities are exploiting our capability to identify the specific opportunity for a product or a technology platform as a precursor for licensing or spin out business creation.

Overall, we provide case-by-case and product-by-product in-depth analysis, incorporating all the elements of a typical market and product assessment in order to understand the market potential. This includes, among others:

Competitive intelligence analysis
Disease area strategy and treatment dynamics
Market assessment
Pipeline landscape analysis
Epidemiology assessments
Key Opinion Leader (KOL) identification
Data management and analytics
Product SWOT analysis and strategic opportunity analysis
Product valuation

To perform the aforementioned tasks, we utilize out vast experience and international network; we further take advantage of proprietary information sourced from several subscription tools and databases in the field.