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Academic institutions are in increasing regional and global competition to establish a track record of successful technology spin-offs into commercial ventures. A vibrant business start-up environment attracts top-notch faculty and students. Ventac Partners provide support to academic institutions, faculties, technology transfer organizations and researchers in all areas of commercialization of science.

Services we offer in this area include, among others:

We help in developing programs, commercialization policies and university handbooks
We provide solid data on market potential, market structures and mechanisms, and competitor analyses
We advise on commercial scenarios
We provide support in establishing and developing intellectual property strategies
We make sure that the intellectual property matches the business opportunity
We define a concise concept, prepare and prioritize a list of target partners for licensing
We support you in evaluating prospective deals such as joint ventures and strategic alliances
We serve as your professional resource in approaching and negotiating with deal partners
We provide selected due diligence services and establish agreement documents based on international terms.

All tech transfer projects typically involve smaller or larger Ventac Partner teams offering complementary skills and expertise to our clients.