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Whether you are aiming at straight in- or out-licensing, or partnership in a global or regional joint venture, Ventac Partners may help you identify partners, provide due diligence support, prepare materials, connect with partners and prepare for financial deal analysis and negotiations.

We add value through a careful selection of your potential partner and by making sure that the deal process is managed in an efficient manner. We create the value scenario on your deal based on a Target Product Profile and combine that with a detailed assessment of the corresponding market potential. We develop the value scenario based on our advanced software solutions, and we team up with you to negotiate the deal in order to secure the anticipated outcome. Finally, we quality assure the end result through our collaboration with international legal expertise in the field.

Our partners possess the critical experience in assisting you through all the phases of the project, and we make sure that the entire project is conducted in a transparent and efficient manner in close contact with you through all steps.

For more information on licensing services, feel free to contact us directly. For information on our partners’ track record in this field, please visit this link.