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Ventac Partners is perfectly positioned to offer merger & acquisition services in China, USA, Europe or across several territories. We identify your M&A partner and advice you through the sell or buy side project to finalize the deal. We work together with international law firms and other specialists in the field to ensure that business, financial and legal aspects of the deal are covered in concert and that the project is tailored to the specific need of your company strategy and shareholders plan.

Ventac Partners has carried out several transactions in the life science sector and brings the collective international experience to your plan. Our services include target identification and strategic fit, due diligence, business valuation and negotiation support.

Specifically for China M&A services, we assemble a joint team of Western and Chinese professionals who combine strategy, corporate development and business backgrounds with unique insight into Chinese entrepreneurial and business practices and thereby minimizing risks. To learn more about our capabilities in the Chinese and/or Asian markets, please visit Regional Projects or download a presentation available here.

For more information on merger & acquisitions services, feel free to contact us directly.